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Hip Party Pad in Norfolk. The Keeper and the Dell

Other Gatherings & Celebrations

The Keeper and the Dell is not only the most perfect of settings for a wedding celebration but is also great for get togethers of all kinds. We also welcome Funeral Wakes, Naming Ceremonies, Blessings and those Renewing their Vows,  ~ any gathering that is looking for a relaxed, calm outdoor venue where friends and family can gather to celebrate the journey through life in beautiful surroundings

The Barn or Marquee can also be used for Yoga, Life Drawing, Dancing, Cocktail making, Vintage tea parties, Supper Clubs, even a craft day. There are so many wonderful local experts, ready to train and treat you and yours, all in a pretty setting.

The Keeper and the Dell is always ready for her close~up and is available as a film location and for photo shoots. We offer great rates, particularly to local people, and includes full use of the space and any props & pretties. 

Contact us with your own ideas & ideals and we'll be happy to put those plans into action.

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