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​​Today’s couples want more than just the standard pray-eat-speech kind of wedding day and are looking for a venue where they can create an experience that is as individual & special as they are. Somewhere that fits with their own ethical & environmental beliefs, without compromising on style & individuality.  The Keeper and the dell can offer all of this as well as making sure the Bride & Groom enjoys the whole experience with their friends & family rather than be rushed along in a confetti filled frenzy.

Whilst there are many hotels and other venues that can cater for larger more conventional 'conveyor~belt' weddings, here at The Keeper and the Dell we are able to help you create a wedding which will be far more personal to you than a big ‘one size fits all’ packaged impersonal event. We are committed to bringing you the best from your Wedding Day whilst ensuring we reduce our own impact on this Earth. Our beautiful vintage marquee which has been lovingly handmade and cared for for over forty years, comfortably seats up to 100 for a sit down meal in the day, with plenty of room for dancing in the evening. The Keeper and the Dell is beautifully curated with vintage furniture and props, the bar is filled with recycled jars & decanters for your use, and we are able to recommend local Caterers who we know and love to provide locally sourced ingredients that will look, taste and be great for all your guests and the local environment.

There's no perfect number for how many guests you should have but  to keep your wedding filled with atmosphere yet still remaining intimate, we recommend no more than 100.  Instead of your finances being swallowed up by the huge growing guest list or your carefully planned budget going completely out of the window as more & more extra expenses are added, a reasonable sized wedding means you can be with the family and friends you truly want to enjoy your celebration with.

A wedding at The Keeper and the Dell will be one that you’ll enjoy and everyone invited will remember, rather than it whizzing past as a busy day. We help you create the kind of wedding you both have always wished for, without compromising on your style or dream.


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