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The Terrace

After your Ceremony, lead your wedding guests to The Terrace, to be served your chosen Celebration Drinks & Canapes.  Here, you can take your time to catch up with your friends & family, bask in the beauty of the day, taking in the lovely surroundings.

The gravelled Terrace is furnished  with bespoke handmade industrial furniture, large parasols, blankets & sheepskins, all laid out with plenty of room around the large iron fire pit.  After the main mean, Guests can enjoy an Afternoon Tea here with a slice of Wedding Cake, and then later in the evening, it is the perfect place for your Caterer to rock up in the  evening to serve street food.


The Terrace is the ideal place to gather around a fire, settling in  with a glass of a favourite tipple, ready to enjoy eachothers company under the stars  ~ a night that you'll all fondly remember. 

'Totally gorgeous venue, a real escape from daily life
and a magical place to have a memorable day!'
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