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The Paddock

Our Paddock is a lovely flat spread of grass ~ where your guests can arrive safely, before making their way down to The Dell.  With the beautiful backdrop of the woodland (and the goats!), it's a great place as the sun begins to set,  for your Photographer to catch that 'magical light' to capture some special moments of just the two of you.  

In keeping with the natural setting & a low carbon footprint we are limited to parking of up to 20 cars up on the Paddock. It's much nicer for guests to share a jolly car ride together rather than lots of cars arriving on site and we're only a short, reasonably priced,  taxi drive from Norwich, which makes even more sense than worrying about designated drivers and such. By keeping the cars to a minimum this leaves plenty of room up on the Paddock for enjoying the wide green, open space.

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